Copyright - Using and referencing Site Content - read the Copyright page - Paintings Dated 1906 - Page 1 Picture Gallery- a collection of some of his known works CLICK photo to enlarge 1906 Rest and Refreshment sgn dt ocldb 25x39.5cm 1906 The Woodcart sgn dt ooc 71x101cm 1906 The Maize Crop sgn dt ooc 29x55cm 1906 Loading the Hay sgn dt 24x39cm (also called The Haycart ) 1906 The Woodcutters sgn dt ooc 19x35cm 1906 Sunday Fishing sgn dt ooc 70x105cm < BACK TO MENU < BACK NEXT > 1906 A Sunny Bank sgn dt ooc 24.5x39.5cm