Copyright - Using and referencing Site Content - read the Copyright page - J A Turner - Post Cards Page 2 of 2 Picture Gallery- a collection of some of his known works A Dangerous Visitor A Good Bush Crop A Good Season A Grey Day A Mountain Track A Roadside Smithy A Sudden Squall A Summer Evening A Swollen Creek A Touch Of Gold A Try For Supper A Welcome Pool Post Card - Breaking Camp Post Card - A Dangerous Visitor Post Card - Evening Drink His Old Home In the Home Paddock Into Cover Lost In the Fog Milking Time Mustering On Our Selection Pride of the Morn Refreshments Repairs Robbing the Forest Sunday At Home Allowing for minor variations in title DO YOU KNOW OF A CARD THAT IS NOT ON THIS LIST - Please email us the details and if possible a photograph. 45 out of 46 of Turners paintings, known to be issued as Post Cards, are listed below.  With some sets “A” or “The” is not used in the title. A Winter Glow Afternoon Tea An Early Start At Bay At the Ford Breaking Camp Bushfire Alarm Dingoes About Early Milkers For The Larder Golden Hopes Gone Aloft Post Card - For the Larder Post Card - Mustering Post Card - A Roadside Smithy Post Card - Early Milkers Post Card - His Old Home Post Card - A Bush Fire Alarm Post Card - A Good Bush Crop Post Card - A Good Season Post Card - A Grey Day Post Card - A Summer Evening Post Card - A Swollen Creek Post Card - A Touch of Gold Post Card - A Winter Glow Post Card - An Early Start Post Card - A Mountain Track Post Card - A Sudden Squall Post Card - A Welcome Pool Post Card - A Try for Supper Post Card - Afternoon Tea The Call to Breakfast The Enemy The Evening Drink The Last Stage The Water Carrier Thoughts of Home Tired Up For A Spell Washing Day In Camp Post Card - At Bay Post Card - At the Ford Post Card - Dingoes About Post Card - Golden Hopes Post Card - Gone Aloft Post Card - In the Home Paddock Post Card - Into Cover Post Card - On Our Selection Post Card - Milking Time Post Card - Lost in the Fog Post Card - Refreshments Post Card - Robbing the Forest Post Card - Sunday at Home Post Card - Pride of the Morn Post Card - Repairs Post Card - The Last Stage Post Card - The Water Carrier Post Card - Tired Post Card - Up for a Spell Post Card - Washing Day in Camp Post Card - The Enemy Post Card - Thoughts of Home Post Card - The Call to Breakfast < BACK TO MENU < BACK NEXT > Click any photo to enlarge. View page automatically as a Slide Show - or manually, Arrow keys will move between pictures. Mouse-off enlarged picture clears Navigation icons.