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Bush Fire Alarm
The Melbourne, Australia, printing and engraving company Osboldstone and Atkinson, later Osboldstone & Co were amongst the first Australian printers and publishers to produce coloured post cards of Australian artists work. In 1903 they began a long running series of coloured post card reproductions of J.A Turner's work. 46 of his rural and bush-life works were issued in the thousands until 1907. The cards were first issued in sets of 6, then in sets of 12 with many variations including gilt edged, advertising logo's and greeting messages. Minor title changes were made between sets - example “A Bush Fire Alarm” and “Bush Fire Alarm”, pictured. Some, or all (information needed) of this earlier series were later reproduced on a deluxe series of folded greeting cards c1920. Paintings from the Post Card series found their way into prints for commercial use in the 1920s and perhaps up to the late 1940’s. Precisely what works were printed and how many copies, is currently unknown. Shirley Jones collection included a set of Dinner Mats, 5 round cardboard medium size, in a cardboard stand, which has a J.A. Turner colour print on the front of stand. The print is "Evening Drink" from the postcard series. Design of the table mats appears to be c1940s. Also a Set? of six (or more) small coloured folding pocket calendars for 1927 (images also from postcard set). Shirley had also seen several J.A.T. coloured prints, medium. size most likely intended for adding to medium size wall calendars. Few colonial painter's had their work published in such volume and Turner postcards are actively sought and traded by collectors today.
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Post Card - Breaking Camp Post Card - Bush Fire Alarm Post Card - A Dangerous Visitor Post Card - Evening Drink
Breaking Camp
A Dangerous Visitor
Evening Drink Used on Post Cards and Table Mats
Post Card - A Bush Fire Alarm - note slight variations in title.
A Bush Fire Alarm
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