Copyright - Using and referencing Site Content - read the Copyright page - About - Contact us ABOUT .. I first became interested in J.A.Turner some 40 years ago.  Having lived and worked, most of my life, in the bush, just north of where he painted.  I came to realise how accurate his images of that country were.  The old timers I met were a link to the era in which Turner painted.  The old tools and harness were still to be found in dusty sheds, or at farm clearing sales.  Those times are gone! Turner lives on in his paintings, but there was very little information about the man and his life.  Much of what I did find was conflicting or inaccurate.  I was fascinated by the painstaking detail he put into his work and by the methodical way he seems to have set out to record for posterity the “battlers” way of life in the Victorian (Australia) bush about the time of the Federation of the Australian states into a Nation. So I decided to publish on the Internet what I have collected over a lifetime. This becomes a more useful resource when it is possible to view a wide range of Turners works.  I trust it will grow with time and bring recognition to a man who would have been lost in time - save for his paintings.  Getting this material together has been a co-operative effort and I would like to thank all those who have helped.  In particular I acknowledge the help and interest of the State Library of Victoria. Rutherford James Browne, Coffs Harbour Australia CONTACT US .. This website has been designed as a resource to gather and present in one readily accessible place as much as can be gleaned about this important recorder of Australian Federation History.  New information, corrections, and in particular, further photographs of Turners paintings are most welcome.   | Home | Biography | Picture Menu | Explore Detail | First Works | Prints | Post Cards | Shop | Contact Us | Copyright Usage |
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