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The art of Australian painter James Alfred Turner (1850 - 1908)
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The remaining pages of this website present examples of Turner’s work listed, where the date is known, in date order. INDEXED LINKS to each page will be found on the GALLERY MENU page. At the conclusion of the dated pages is a list of 14 pages of paintings of unknown date. Three pages of Watercolour examples are listed separately. All examples selected appear genuine and have been collected, over the years from sale catalogues, the Internet and contributions from many online friends and discussions over the life of this website. They represent a comprehensive and reasonably balanced collection of Turner’s paintings, selected for no other reason than availability and reasonable image clarity. Most painting images are in colour although some were taken from old black and white printed catalogues. The NOTES page contains previously unpublished material.
LEGEND oob = oil on board ooc = oil on canvas ocldb = oil on canvas laid down on board. The majority of Turners works are in Oil on Canvas or Board. dt indicates painting was inscribed with year date - sometimes two numbers, sometimes four. sgn indicates the painting is signed lower left J.A.Turner. All paintings, with just a few exceptions, were signed in this way. Signatures were commonly ‘J A Turner’, but sometimes ‘JAT’.