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Picture Gallery- a collection of some of his known works James Alfred Turner
1890 Having a spell sgn dt 29.5x24.5cm (Original Name Plaque)
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In 1980, the then Australian Prime Minister, the Hon.Malcolm Fraser, presented, as his official diplomatic Christmas Gift, a limited edition numbered print run of J A Turners “Having a Spell”; as a gift with a unique Australian flavour that had not previously been reproduced. A small number of run-on copies were printed by arrangement for the copyright owner. A few were sold in the early 1980’s. The rest have been held in storage for 30 years and may be purchased through this website until sold out. .... MORE >
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Colour Print of painting “The Homestead Saved, an incident of the Great Gippsland Fire of 1898″ “Painted by the late J.A. Turner and Supplement to: THE AUTRALASIAN Sat 19th Dec 1908″ Print published by “Globe Engraving Co. Melbourne”, Reproduced by Osboldstone & Co. Printers, Melbourne. Reproduced courtesy of Henry F. Young of Young and Jackson.