Copyright - Using and referencing Site Content - read the Copyright page - Known Print reproductions of Turner’s works Picture Gallery- a collection of some of his known works 1890 Having a spell sgn dt 29.5x24.5cm (Original Name Plaque) CLICK photo to enlarge “The Homestead Saved, an incident of the Great Gippsland Fire of 1898″ as title, published by “Globe Engraving Co. Melb”, “Painted by the late J.A. Turner” and reproduced “courtesy of Henry F. Young of Young and Jackson” “Supplement to THE AUTRALASIAN” “Reproduced by Osboldstone & Co. Printers, Melbourne” “Sat 19th December, 1908″ In 1980, the then Australian Prime Minister, the Hon.Malcolm Fraser, presented, as his official diplomatic Christmas Gift, a limited edition numbered print run of J A Turners “Having a Spell”; as a gift with a unique Australian flavour that had not previously been reproduced. A small number of run-on copies were printed by arrangement for the copyright owner.  A few were sold in the early 1980’s.  The rest have been held in storage for 30 years and may be purchased through this website until sold out.  .... MORE > Purchase a limited print | Home | Biography | Picture Menu | Explore Detail | First Works | Prints | Post Cards | Shop | Contact Us | Copyright Usage | < BACK TO MENU