The art of Australian painter James Alfred Turner (1850 - 1908)
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Naming It would appear Turner named all his paintings. Generally with a name that captured the spirit of the theme. His Post Card names are a good example. With the passing of time, some of these names have been lost. Some paintings have been renamed for sale. This has led to the same painting appearing under different names. “Faithful Friend” (1890) would appear more likely an original name than the alternate name of “Pioneer with fledgling”. There are a number of titles using the word “Pioneer” - there is some doubt Turner would have referred to his subjects as “Pioneers”. A good example is shown (right), it was named for sale: “A Family Group Travelling Through a Wood” (1907). This title is NOT original and says nothing of the tragedy depicted – the original title was more likely something like: “Walking Off”, or perhaps … “A decision taken”. It is a pity so much of the original naming has been lost. Owners should give some thought to sensible re-naming and labelling verso with a note.